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Bill Knaus

Years of experience: 46



Dr. Bill Knaus is a licensed clinical psychologist and former psychology professor. He is well known for his pioneering work in the cognitive revolution in rational emotive behavioral therapy where he was the architect of postgraduate training programs, numerous public education workshops, and The Living School curriculum. He conducted seminars for PESI, a national organization that sponsors continuing education for mental health and medical professionals. Aside from his private practice, Bill was and is a consultant for numerous organizations on employee selection, market research, strategic planning, and problem-solving. His published 91.7% accuracy rate in selecting key management and professional staff may be the highest documented published result of this kind. His positive prevention mental health program for children (rational emotive education) has strong research support and may be the best of it kind. Thirty-eight of 38 studies show positive results; three of three show improved academic performance. (Bill donated the program to the public.)  Bill is broadly known for his ability to initiate actions and assertleadership in organizing, coordinating, and directing volunteer groups to achieve worthy results. He has a long and distinguished history of volunteer work advocating for handicapped people who cannot ably defend themselves. He wrote The SMART Recovery Primer to help people overcome substance abuse habits. The primer went through four revisions and helped launch the now famous SMART Recovery self-help network. Bill is the author or coauthor of more than 20 books on diverse topics, such as illusions, anxiety, depression, blame, children’s mental health, and procrastination where he wrote the seminal books that triggered the self-help movement in that area. Overcoming Procrastination was his first procrastination self-help book and he co-authored it with Albert Ellis. Overcoming Procrastination for Teens is his sixth and most up-to-date book on how to overcome procrastination (New Harbinger, 2016). Bill has currently written more books on procrastination that any other, and is a world authority on this subject. The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression (Second Edition, New Harbinger, 2012), has received strong endorsements from top professionals, as has his The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety (Second Edition; New Harbinger 2014).  Fearless Job Hunting shows job hunters how to use powerful psychological techniques to stand out from the crowd and get hired (New Harbinger, 2010). Bill is the founder and lead editor for the Albert Ellis Tribute Book Series, writes psychology self-help blogs for Psychology Today, and has appeared on numerous regional and national television shows, including The Today Show and over 500 regional and national radio shows. His ideas have appeared in diverse national magazines such as US News and World Report, Readers Digest, and Good Housekeeping, and major newspapers, such as USA Today, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post.